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Harpers Ferry flyby video
October 20, 2010, 9:31 pm
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I spent some time last night playing around with the fly by camera stuff in NSD.  It’s not really as hard as it looks.  Below is my video.  It starts out at the top of Maryland Heights and works its way down to the west behind Fort Duncan where it curves around behind Bolivar Heights.  From there it comes down to ground level and heads down the road towards Harpers Ferry.  The first half is intended to give the viewer an overview of the Union defenses in Harpers Ferry and the second part which starts at ground level is sort of and attempt to position the camera from the perspective of those who intended to take Harpers Ferry.


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This is awesome. It also reminds me of LOTR: The Two Towers, which is basically just epic running shot from above for the first hour of the movie. They don’t call him Strider for nothing. (Sidenote: Is my dork showing?)

The idea to show Union forces at Harper’s Ferry provides a useful perspective about the battle. Like the “What could Lee see” article, it puts ideas of military strategy into a real world format that makes it easier to understand, and makes you think more critically about what it would be like to actually be at HF. Is this what you are final project is going to be on?

Comment by Lindsey

Thanks. I love LOTR by the way. Return of the King is one of my favorite movies. I suddenly feel the need to add a soundtrack a la LOTR to my fly by video for dramatic effect.

I hadn’t intended this to be my final project. I’m really trying to come up with more of a focused topic per the Nike missile sites, but I’m having a little trouble in that route. Harpers Ferry may be a backup topic though as I’ve been tooling around with the idea for a few weeks (the significance of terrain in Harpers Ferry during the Civil War). It just seemed like a perfect topic for utilizing NSD.

Comment by rkpalmerjr

Great flyby! I’ll have try it on my static scenes. Might make the DC topography more interesting to see it in motion.

Comment by Ruel Eskelsen

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