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Last week was my week…
December 9, 2010, 3:33 am
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This week…not so much.  As much as I’m ready for class to be over, I’m actually kind of glad Dr. Petrik gave us an extra class to sort of review the essays and an extra weekend to touch things up.  Below is the link to the PDF of my final project draft version 2.  It’s definitely not final final material yet.  I’ve made some changes to my layout based on suggestions from class that I’m happy with but honestly I’m not so sure where I stand on my essay.  Disclaimer (it’s like 85-90% finished…there’s still a bit of Latin).  There are typos everywhere (I haven’t proof-read it).  The overall flow and narrative should be there though, so nobody should be clueless as to what I’m talking about.  I tried to finish it but I was getting to a point tonight where anything I was writing just didn’t seem to work…so I stopped.

Comments and constructive criticsm are definitely welcomed, either here or in class.  I don’t want to re-write my entire essay, but I could surely use some help so anything short of telling me to start over is cool.



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I think that this is a great start, but perhaps trying to break your narrative up into smaller, more digestible pieces would help. I quickly scanned your project, and I think that starting off with the piece on how the US was still defense minded would be better.

I think that you have fantastic maps, but a stronger organizational theme would really help. I wish my project could look 1/3 as nice as yours though. Great job!

Comment by Dan Ludington

Good job on getting so much done from last week where you just had Latin! I have a few comments on the body of your project (which is still the coolest one in my opinion. what’s that on the ground? oh yeah, the gauntlet I just threw. What What?!) Anyways here are my comments:

1) In the first sentence of the project the ‘w’ in Cold War needs to be capitalized.

2) On page 1, column 1, paragraph 1, sentence 1 – I think you should say 1950’s and not just 50’s.

3) What was the Nike the Goddess of? I think you should address that in explaining the name of the missiles.

4) Still have Green on page 5 filling out Lake Michigan.

5) The sources/ additional information section is blank.

Comment by mbestebr

I think you’re almost there! As the other comments above remark, excellent maps right down to the identification of the “projections” used.

Once you tighten up the narrative prose a bit, especially the Conclusion section with fewer unanswered questions, and finish the Sources section you will have a top-notch piece.

I’m very interested in Cold War Historiography, so I’m anxious to add your sources to my knowledge base

Comment by reskelsen

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